X Chef Stainless Steel Spigot for Beverage Dispenser Polished 2-Pack

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  • HEAVY DUTY #304 stainless steel Dispenser Spigot,WELL POLISHED, so shinning that you would be proud to use on any Wine Beer Oak Barrel Keg vessels.
  • OUTSTANDING SEALING & HIGH WEAR RESISTANCE,large opening for easy use like a kitchen faucet, perfect flow rate for beverages. Stable film to resist a variety of different water quality and temperature conditions.
  • COMMON SIZE TO FIT MOST DISPENCER: The Dispenser Nozzle requires 5/8 inch or 16mm diameter opening to install. It fits dispenser wall up to 11/16 inch or 17mm deep, compatible with most home use jugs, canister and more.
  • CARE INSTRUCTION — Wash before use. If necessary, use 3/4 inch wrench for the nut, do not over-tighten. Rinse thoroughly by clean water with handle in partial open position (45 degree turn) after usage. If used for sugary drink, we suggest removing the spigot from the dispenser and clean thoroughly. WARRANTY: Either you like the X-Chef Beverage Dispenser Spigot or have your money back without any hassle.



Like many other people, you may have get tired of the plastic or old spout on your water jug,canister,brew kombucha…And like many other people you will like to try Stainless Steel Dispenser Nozzle for daily brewing.This pair of Metal Dispenser Spigot could be a good choice.
Non-leak outstanding sealing and solid construction ensures clean contertop where holds the dispenser.
Classic look, well polished steel, an add-value piece for any glass or metal vessels.
Open the valve all the way for fast dispense or half way for slow dispense, makes brewing a breeze.

Thread Pitch: 1.25MM/0.05 inch
Material: 304 Stainless steel
Diameter: 17mm/0.67 inch
Net Weight: 0.33 lb each


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